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Dr Shazia Hyder - Renaissance MD

Video: Renaissance MD Minimizes the Discomfort of Submental Fat Reduction by Adding Zimmer Cryo to SculpSure Treatments

Dr. Shazia Hyder of Renaissance MD recently shared with Zimmer Aesthetic Division a video detailing how she uses her Zimmer Cryo 6 device to minimize the discomfort of SculpSure® laser body contouring procedures. View the video here ...
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Victoria cirillo-hyland

Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa Is Set Apart, Offers Better Results With Zimmer Z Wave Pro

CIRILLO COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY SPA's Dr. Cirillo-Hyland, “We use the Z Wave Pro after every technology. We have found that the results are always better and more consistent with the Z Wave Pro.” ...
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Nurse Jamie Using Zimmer Cryo 6 on The Doctors Cryo Cupping

Nurse Jamie Treatment Video on TV’s “The Doctors”: Facial Cryo Cupping For Youthful Skin

Celebrity skincare expert, Jamie Sherrill (“Nurse Jamie”), performs  Cryo Cupping with the Zimmer Cryo 6 chiller on TV's "The Doctors".  This video demonstrates how Nurse Jamie uses the Zimmer Cryotherapy device alongside the “cupping” technique for facial rejuvenation and reinvigoration ...
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Arctic Blast Cryo Facial Cold Therapy Treatment With Zimmer Cryo

Arctic Blast Cryo Shares Demo Videos – Revitalizing Treatments Using Zimmer Cryo Therapy

Arctic Blast Cryo shared with Zimmer two treatment demonstration videos.  Kendall Jones uses Zimmer Cryo 6 “chiller” technology to perform Facial Cold Therapy and Spot Cooling treatments, providing what Arctic Blast Cryo dubs a “relaxing, rehabilitating and rejuvenating experience” ...
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Zimmer Wins Aesthetic Everything Awards 2017

Congratulations Zimmer Aesthetic Division – 3 Category Award Sweep In 2017 Aesthetic Everything Awards

Zimmer Aesthetic Division won big in the 2017 Aesthetic Everything Awards.  Zimmer took awards in the categories of “Top Aesthetic Companies” & “Top Aesthetic YouTube Videos.”  Zimmer’s Bob Wilber was also voted among winners in the “Top Presidents” category ...
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Dr Yee Zimmer Cryo - Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial – Dr. Pearl Yee: Zimmer Cryo After 10 Years Of Usage

Watch the full video testimonial: “In the ten years I had my first Zimmer, I did not have one break down, one problem, not one service call and it worked great… I liked it so much I bought a second one.” ...
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Roy Geronemus MD Commends Zimmer Cryo

Dr. Geronemus Offers “Extremely Popular” Zimmer Cryo Skin Cooling To Patients For Increased Comfort During Procedures

“The Zimmer Cryo is extremely popular at our practice,” said Dr. Geronemus. Roy Geronemus is a Dermatologist and Director of the Laser & Skin Surgery of New York. He commended Zimmer Aesthetic Division for the excellence and utility of their Cryo skin ...
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Invisible Ink with Zimmer Cryo 6

Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers Takes the “oo” out of Tattoo

Distinguishing their tattoo removal procedure, Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers ensures that pain is minimized for their clients. The company accomplishes this by using Zimmer Cryo Technology. Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers has an advantage over competitors who may not go to the same lengths to ...
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Dr. Terrance Baker Lauds Zimmer Cryo: “Revolutionized My Practice”

Dr. Terrance Baker, founder of Sollay Cosmetic Medical & Laser Center, related his outstanding experience over the past five years using Zimmer Chillers. “Zimmer technology revolutionized my practice,” said Dr. Baker ...
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Simplicity Laser Adds Top-Of-The-Line Zimmer “Chiller” Cryo Therapy Technology To All USA Locations

Simplicity Laser is adding Zimmer Cryo cold air devices at all of their USA offices. Their cutting-edge facilities will be distinguished by this this high-end Zimmer Cryo Therapy technology.  Using Zimmer “chillers” will complement Simplicity‘s aesthetic treatments, diminishing pain and discomfort for patients during superficial dermatological, ...
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