Laser therapy – Achieve therapeutic success at the
speed of light

optonpro swivel base with glassesLaser light therapy is widely used in various medical specialties.

Laser therapy introduces large quantities of high intensity light into the tissue, stimulating sustained, temporary relief.

High-intensity, high-powered laser therapy is becoming increasingly essential.

Our systems set new standards in the field of laser therapy, emitting up to 25 W and equipped with the most modern technology.

Maximum operating convenience

opton pro laser APPLICATOR

Laser Applicator
The laser light is emitted from an ergonomically shaped laser applicator and is equipped with an manually adjustable switch. Double-clicking once emits a continuous laser light, with no further action needed from the user. This ensures maximum handling convenience for the user.



opton-pro spacers

Two different spacers can be quickly and easily exchanged to hold the laser applicator at defined distances from the skin.





Skin temperature control
Skin temperature can be monitored during therapy with a sensor that is integrated right into the laser applicator. Now, the practitioner can be confident that undesirably high skin temperatures are avoided during therapy – no matter the skin type.




User-friendly screen
The monitor allows quick, direct access to the therapy screen.

Individualized therapeutic requirements


Different parameter combinations allow the user to adapt the therapy to individual patients, achieving the best possible results.


OptonPro 25 Watt – 810 nm  |  980 nm  |  1064 nm

OptonPro with Move Cart


3 wavelengths
OptonPro Wavelength Dialog screenTherapy using 3 wavelengths enables the simultaneous stimulation of different target sites. Pain receptors at the surface, as well as deeper tissue structures, are stimulated at the same time.

The 1064 nm wavelength has the lowest light scattering and promotes radiation penetration into deep layers of tissue.

The advantage of laser therapy with high power
More power increases the power density in the tissue. This also results in an increase in the thermal effect in deeper layers.

As a result of the OptonPro’s high power, the distance to the tissue, and thus the radius of the therapeutic area, can be greatly enlarged. This can mean a significant time savings for the user.

Broad treatment spectrum
The simultaneous output of three wavelengths of laser light opens up a broad field of therapeutic options for the user.

Most modern user interface

Visual analog scale (VAS)
The integrated VAS provides information about the patient’s pain perception, measured before and after each treatment. This is an excellent tool for the practitioner to measure the progress of therapy. VAS results are stored in patient files on the OptonPro.

Intuitive operation
Click on any of the highlighted body parts to get more information about possible therapy recommendations.

OptonPro -Body Parts - Therapy Recommendations


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Technical data

OptonPro 25 W

Laser Diodes 810 nm / 980 nm / 1064 nm
Emitted output, max. Max. 25 W
Power consumption 1.8 A
Treatment area Min. Ø 0.4”
Operating voltage 100 – 240 V~, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Protection class II
Applied part Type B according to EN 60601-1
Dimensions 11.8” H , 13.8” W, 7.9” L
Weight 8.4 lb
Laser class 4, observe special regulations

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