Introduction to Z WaveQ

Z Wave Q - Small handpiece - Tx ScreenWave Q – The “Q” is for “Quiet” 

Introducing Z Wave Q – now 50% quieter! A new dimension in Radial Pulse technology, the Z Wave Q system is equipped with ultra-quiet, water-cooled hand piece technology, making the device 50% quieter! The new ergonomic hand piece with “shock absorber” offers the industry’s quietest operation, the highest level of safety, and maximum comfort to the patient.

Thanks to the 15 mm applicator head, the energy can be introduced in a targeted manner into the tissue for a successful treatment.

The large 12″ display with touch screen technology allows for quick and easy adjustment of all treatment parameters with just a few taps.

Catch the Z Wave

The Z Wave Q by Zimmer MedizinSystems transmits powerful sound waves into the tissue. The energy then spreads radially to enhance the treatment effect. The energy treats muscle pain and helps to increase circulation in the target tissue.

F=ma: Soft Shot Technology

Zimmer MedizinSystems’ electromagnetic technology uses a projectile that has a 5 times greater mass than pneumatic systems. This makes for equal Force using 5 times less acceleration. Less acceleration means a softer, more comfortable pulse on the surface of the skin. We call this Soft Shot Technology. Increased patient comfort results in easier treatments at higher energy levels, leading to successful therapy.

Time Savings and Efficiency With Better Outcomes

Adding the Z Wave Q Radial Pulse Therapy unit to your facility will decrease the treatment time for chronic soft tissue pain patients and increase your efficiency. This results in better outcomes for you and for your patients.


The high mass applicator reduces strain on clinicians. The ergonomic hand piece with high mass and ample inertia provides appropriate energy transfer to the patient. It also affords optimal protection against vibration for the healthcare professional. The design allows for single-handed use allowing the second hand to be free to adjust treatment parameters in session.

Z Wave Q small handpiece box

2 Million Pulse Warranty

A powerful, mechanical energy generator with high percussion, digital control, and low mechanical wear provides for an extended lifetime of reliability and performance. We guarantee our hand piece for 2 million pulses.

Hand Piece inner rendering

Advantages of Z Wave Q Radial Pulse Technology:

  • quietest operation
  • gentle, painless and quick treatments
  • no disposables
  • no down time
  • non-invasive treatment
  • visible results
  • versatile
  • easy to operate

Hand Piece Characteristics

  • efficient energy transfer from hand piece to deep tissue structures
  • treatment is comfortable for both patient and technician
  • hand piece is controlled via foot switch
  • each Z Wave Q comes with 1 water-cooled hand piece
  • each hand piece is warranted for 2,000,000 pulses
  • enhanced patient comfort due to longer rise time (pulse width) without the need for unpleasant high peak energy

Technical Data

  • Technology: Compressor-free ballistic Radial Pulse Technology system with electromagnetic generator as a projectile accelerator. 1-22 Hz, 60-185mJ
  • Programs: 3 recommended application presets
  • Controller: 12” color touch screen for all software operations. Knobs for full range control of energy and frequency. Foot switch control for hand piece.
  • Memory and Update: SD card for custom programs by user/error log/firmware updates
  • Voltage: 110 volts, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions & Weight: L 21” / W 21.5” / H 55” Weight: 46.5 lbs. (without handpiece).
  • Warranty: 2 years of limited warranty on system; 2,000,000 pulses on hand piece

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