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The aXionXelect treatment table combines premium quality and comfort… at a budget-friendly price. It is also cost-effective variant for a practice with little space available.

The aXionXelect’s scissors movement saves space because the table moves up and down linearly and takes up only 15 square feet.

ManuXelect Illustration Height Measurements

Comfort for the Patient
and the Practitioner

Three padded, soft-edged sections are adjustable, keeping the table comfortable and stable throughout.

Section adjustment with gas springs ensures simple operation.

Ergonomic handles for operation with one hand.



ManuXelect Treatment Pic Patient & Practitioner



Optimal patient comfort, even when lying face-down, is ensured by the face hole with triangular insert.

ManuXelect_treatment Nose Hole

Safety and Stability

The removable wheel set can be raised and lowered for easy moving – and locked for safety and stability when in use for treatment.

Our imitation leather upholstery is flame-retardant and phthalate free – A unique combination that makes this material suitable for medical use!

ManuXelect Wheel

Optional Paper Roll Holder


Paper roll holder for 50 cm rolls,
mounted under foot-section

ManuXelect Paper Roll Holder

aXionXelect Treatment Table by Zimmer MedizinSystems

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Technical data

aXionXelect Treatment Table

Electrical Height Adjustment from 19” to 41.5”
Tabletop Size (L x W): 81.5” x 26.4”
Lifting time (min.-max.): approximately 35 sec.
Lifting capacity 550 lbs
Power Supply 115 volts
Foam Density 2.4 lb/ft3

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