The only hygienic electrode is a single use electrode!

Zimmer ZTrodes - Single Use Electrodes Round - Large - Small - SquareFor over 25 years therapists and doctors around the world have trusted Zimmer MedizinSystems’ single use Zimmertrodes. Zimmertrodes are available in 4 convenient sizes to fit virtually all treatment applications. Zimmertrodes are the only real hygienic solution to electrical stimulation.

This standard of single use electrodes is adhered to in numerous other medical applications such as EMG, EEG, EKG, etc. Patients treated with electrical stimulation deserve the same type of hygienic care.

Easy to use and cost effective, Zimmertrodes improve the practitioner’s productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks such as filling and storing re-usable patient dedicated electrodes, applying gel, straps, etc. The patented Glycerol coating reduces skin irritation and maximizes patient comfort while the self-adhering single use design increases safety and consistency of the treatment. Zimmertrodes are designed for maximum flexibility and even current dispersion and are 98% biodegradable.

Zimmertrodes Come In 4 Convenient Sizes 

Electrical stimulation with Zimmertrodes single use electrodes requires an adapter. The adapter is designed to connect Zimmertrodes to the 2 mm pin of most electrode cables. The adapters are easy to use, cost effective, and provide for a hygienic and clean transfer of the electrical stimulus.


Advantages of Single Use Zimmertrodes :

Easy to use and cost effective Hygienic and clean transfer of electrical stimulus Eliminates patient electrode files (no more filing and storing) Eliminates cleaning, gel and straps

Increases safety and consistency of your treatments Increases patient comfort with patented Glycerol coating 98% biodegradable Provides patient peace-of-mind due to hygienic treatment