Introducing THERMO TK: applying adjustable, deeply penetrating heat

Thermo TK generates adjustable, deeply penetrating heat. This remarkable technology effectively creates a localized increase in circulation and blood vessel dilation within the tissues. With techniques tailored to each therapist, this treatment positively impacts the elasticity of connective tissues.

Thermo TK Therapy Screenshot

The benefits of heat: decreased muscle tone and enhanced pain relief

Through the sole effect of heat, Thermo TK reduces muscle tone, providing significant pain relief for patients. This exceptional outcome is achieved by employing high-frequency electrotherapy, inspired by the highest standards in the field.

Thermo TK shoulder & arm treatment

Collaborative treatment with your patient

Working hand in hand with your patient, therapist-specific movements during therapy can provide additional relaxation to the tissues. Thermo TK offers a wide range of applications and is suitable for both acute and chronic conditions. By incorporating deep heat therapy alongside manual therapy, you can achieve remarkable treatment outcomes. Expand your scope of services and enhance the effectiveness of your patient care.

Versatile Areas of Application Thermo TK finds its place in traditional physiotherapy and chiropractic practices, rehabilitation settings, and competitive sports. It is utilized for various acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Flexible Application Options With a variety of application options available, including passive, active, and assistive methods, you can tailor the therapy to the individual needs of each patient and condition.

ThermoTK – An Integral Part of Your Therapeutic Approach Experience the unique opportunity to combine the therapeutic benefits of active therapy with the circulation-stimulating and analgesic effects of electrical currents, alongside the soothing sensation of a massage.

Thermo TK has two modes for different areas of application:

Capacitive mode for superficial structures, such as muscles

Resistive mode for application to deeper structures, such as tendons and ligaments

Quality in every detail

Thermo TK - Quality in every detail USA

Standard Accessories

Ergonomic handpiece

Thermo TK handpiece

Electrode holder

Thermo TK electrode holder

Common electrode with plug

Thermo TK common electrode with plug


Optional accessory

move cart – Mobile Treatment Cart

  • Effortless Portability: Transports with ease from room to room
  • Accessory Storage: Carries and stows electrodes and other accessories
  • Sleek Aesthetics: Modern design to suit any therapeutic environment
  • Increased Convenience: Enables streamlined treatment and organization

Thermo TK by Zimmer MedizinSystems: Advanced TECAR Therapy for Effective Pain Relief

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Technical data

Mains voltage 100-240 V ~ / 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 300 VA max
Output power 115 W effective at 500 Ω in resistive mode
  115 VA effective at 500 Ω in capacitive mode
  60 W effective at 500 Ω in hands-free mode
  Interval: 1 W/VA increments up to 10 W/VA
                  5 W/VA increments up to 10 W/VA
Frequency 460 kHz / 540 kHz
Accuracy ± 20 %
Protection class I
Operating modes Continuous / pulsed
Modes Resistive / capacitive
Housing dimensions W 12.67 in / D 9.21 in / H 5.31 in
Weight 7.72 lb without accessories