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Dr Mark Chin - Zimmer Cryo 220x220

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Chin, Augments Patient Beauty and Comfort With Assist From Zimmer Cryo

Dr. Chin is known for augmenting the beauty of his patients with surgeries and other cosmetic procedures. With the addition of the Zimmer skin cooling device, now patient comfort is also augmented during these procedures. The Z Cryo technology delivers ...
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Dr. Stockton Increases Service Arsenal With A Zimmer Cryo Unit

Stockton Dermatology has added a Zimmer Cryo unit to their assemblage of advanced technology devices. The skin cooling device assists Dr. Toni Stockton and her staff in curtailing both patient discomfort and thermal injury during superficial dermatological treatments ...
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Time to Replace Your Cryo Mini Hose?

Is It Time To Replace Your Zimmer Cryo Hose & Filter?

The most common problems with Zimmer Cryo units are simple maintenance issues like dirty filters and damaged hoses. Continuing to use a damaged hose can restrict air flow and will effect the air load. Likewise, a dirty filter effects your ...
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Dr. Kang Adds Zimmer Cryo Therapy at San Francisco Serenity MedSpa

Dr. Lisa Kang of San Francisco's Serenity MedSpa, has added a Zimmer Cryo Therapy device at the premiere facility. The facility provides advanced and comprehensive procedures in an eco-friendly spa oasis environment. The Zimmer Cryo device introduces cold therapy for ...
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Terry Myckatyn - Zimmer Cryo 220x220

Washington University Physicians Add To Their Technology Toolbox With Zimmer Cryo

Dr. Terry Myckatyn has bolstered the practice of West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University with the purchase of a Zimmer Cryo device. The practice provides a patient-friendly atmosphere while maintaining the reputation of Washington University’s cutting edge procedures ...
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Dr-Kaye-Brundidge - nw face body zimmer

NW Face & Body Offers More With Zimmer Cryo

NW Face & Body, a multi-specialty clinic providing a wide range of medical and aesthetic services, has added a Zimmer Cryo device at their practice. The group is staffed with 5 physicians, 3 mid-level providers, 3 aestheticians and over 30 ...
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Dr. John R. Luckasen - Midwest Dermatology Clinic_Zimmer-cryo

Midwest Dermatology Clinic’s Dr. Luckasen Adds A Zimmer Cryo Unit

Midwest Dermatology has added a Zimmer Cryo device to the practice for treatments that can benefit from cold therapy. The skin cooling device provides added comfort and pain management during many of the procedures offered by the practice ...
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Dr. Jones and Lexington Plastic Surgeons Purchase Zimmer Chiller

Dr. Michael E. Jones, owner and founder of Lexington Plastic Surgeons, has acquired a Zimmer Cryo "chiller" device for the practice. The offices specialize in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic, reconstructive and rejuvenating processes for both men and women. The Zimmer ...
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hauser ross eye institute

Hauser-Ross Eye Institute Purchases A Zimmer Cooler Unit For Medical Aesthetics

Hauser-Ross Eye Institute has purchased a Zimmer Cryo device to aid with in-office procedures. The Institute is dedicated to the medical and surgical care of eyes. They also offer surgical, minimally invasive procedures and products in Aesthetics ...
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Anne Walter - Zimmer Cryo

Dr. Walter, Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists Cool the Skin With Zimmer Cryo

Led by Dr. Anne Walter, Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists uses Cryo devices from Zimmer MedizinSystems. The devices are used to cool the skin during many of their expert medical, surgical, and cosmetic treatments ...
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