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A to Z News keeps you up-to-date on our products and shows how practitioners are using our Cryo, Z Wave, and Physical Medicine products.  You could be featured here, too! It’s quick, easy and helps bring exposure to your business about the services you offer!

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Clear Out Ink - Cryo FEATURE

Clear Out Ink Laser Tattoo Removal: “Watch the Difference” – Comparison of Treatment With and Without Zimmer Cryo

Clear Out Ink demonstrates how the use of Zimmer “Chillers” greatly improves comfort during laser tattoo removal. Owner, James Dean, says to a client who has previously experienced the treatment without the benefit of integrated Cryotherapy, “Watch the difference.” ...
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Clean Canvas More Art - Zimmer Cryo Feature

Video: Clean Canvas More Art Manages Laser Pain with Zimmer Cryotherapy

Clean Canvas More Art provides a video testimonial and treatment demonstration of laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening with integrated Zimmer Cryotherapy for pain management. Owner, Bethany Cirlin says, “We Really Couldn’t Do It Without the Zimmer Chiller.” ...
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Busic Accepts For Z Wave: "Greatest Utility in an Aesthetic Device" award from Kevin Frazier & Gretchen Rossi

Z Wave Receives “Greatest Utility in an Aesthetic Device” Award

PLUS: Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier Interviews the Big Winner! Michael Busic accepts the award from celebrity presenters, Kevin Frazier (host of CBS’s Entertainment Tonight) and actress Gretchen Rossi (formerly of Bravo’s Housewives of Orange County). Kevin's full interview & demo ...
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Dr. Sawyer Discusses Z Wave

Dr. Sawyer Discusses How She Uses “Standout” Z Wave For Multiple Applications

Video: “We love our Z Wave. We use it... multiple times a day, and we’ve really seen it boost our body shaping practice.” Dr. Sawyer & team detail their use of the device post Cryolipolysis®, for cellulite and post liposuction ...
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Lily Medspa - Cryo with MicroLaserPeel Video Testimonial

Video: After MicroLaserPeel, Lily Med Spa Cools the Skin with Zimmer CryoTherapy

Lily Med Spa shows how they use their Zimmer ‘Chiller’ for skin cooling with Sciton MicroLaserPeel® treatments. The focusing tip attachment shown in the video concentrates cold air as low as -30 °C at the treatment site ...
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Erasable Inc Cryo 6 Testimonial_Feature

Erasable Inc. Reviews the Utility of their Zimmer Cryo 6 Device: It’s the “Most Used Device” in the Practice

Four years since the inauguration of their Zimmer Cryo 6, Erasable Inc. designates it the “most used device” in their practice. Loretta Zanetti (ARNP) says, "It works consistently for us, all day long. So it is a fantastic device.” ...
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Dr. Nanda Z Wave Grandview

Dr. Nanda Increases Permanent Fat Destruction to 28-35% by Adding Z Wave Treatment After CoolSculpting

In this video, Dr. Rakesh Nanda explains how he increases permanent fat destruction 8-10% by adding Z Wave treatments after CoolSculpting. With CoolSculpting alone, fat is reduced by 20-25%. When paired with Z Wave, those results are bumped up to ...
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Workhouse Wellness treatment

Specialized Therapeutic Massage with Zimmer Cryotherapy for Pain & Health Management – Workhouse Wellness Treatment Demo

Workhouse Wellness video treatment demo of Specialized Therapeutic Bodywork with integrated Cryotherapy. Combining massage therapy, infrared monitoring and a Zimmer Cryo 6 cold air device, Jackie Burrow talks through her method of rapidly relieving pain, swelling, spasm and inflammation ...
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Salzman - Z Wave treatment demo capsular contracture post breast augmentation

Z Wave for Capsular Contracture Post Breast Augmentation – Salzman Cosmetic Surgery & Spa

Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa video demonstration, practitioner discussion on the application of Z Wave for capsular contractures resulting from breast augmentation. Treatment is performed, detailing method & settings for loosening, softening, breaking up scar tissue, increasing blood circulation ...
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Gold Skin Care Center - Laura Z Wave Demo Cellulite Treatment over Pants

Treatment Video – Gold Skin Care Center Offering Speedy Z Wave Cellulite Treatments over Gym Pants

Gold Skin Care Center demonstrated a quick & comfortable Z Wave cellulite treatment. Z Wave specialist, Laura, shows how the treatment is remarkably convenient for busy patients and can be done over light pants ...
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