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Cirillo Dermatology_Z_Wave_Feature

Video – Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa Couples Z Wave With Body Contouring, Yields Better Results

Dr. Cirillo-Hyland provides a video testimonial about her experiences with Zimmer Z Wave. She remarks, “What we have found is that when we couple the... Z Wave treatment with every single technology, we get better, faster and more consistent results.” ...
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Rob Harris - Disappearing inc - Tattoo Removal with Zimmer_Cryo

Video – Disappearing inc. on Zimmer Cryo with Laser Tattoo Removal: “It Makes All the Difference in the World.”

Rob Harris of Disappearing inc., gives a testimonial for Zimmer: “We use a Zimmer cooler to numb the skin before the procedure and it makes all the difference in the world.  Ice packs can’t do that.  Lidocaine can’t do that." ...
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Jen Wasilenchuk - Arbutus Laser - Zimmer Z Wave

Arbutus Laser Centre Chronicles Their Study of Z Wave After CoolSculpting®

Jen Wasilenchuk, of Arbutus Laser Centre, recounts her study with manual massage vs. Z Wave after Cryolipolysis®.  Adding Z Wave after CoolSculpting led to improved results and faster recovery. Wasilenchuk's Z Wave story can be read in full here ...
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PVHS Cryotherapy - Athletic Sports Injuries Zimmer Cryo

Video: Pioneer Valley HS Athletic Department Demonstrates Zimmer Cryotherapy For Acute Treatment Of Sports Injuries

Pioneer Valley HS Head Athletic Trainer, Megan Read, demonstrates an acute ankle treatment on a student athlete. Read notes that PVHS uses Cryotherapy to aid with injury recovery and rehabilitation. Ms. Read details her treatment methods with the “chiller” ...
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Spa 35 Team with Zimmer Cryo

Spa 35 Is Loving Their New Zimmer Cryo 6 For Skin Resurfacing, Discovers Added Benefits With Filler Injections

Spa 35 owner and team leader, Warren Danforth, comments, “The Spa 35 team is loving our new Zimmer. We bought it for patient comfort during CO2 resurfacing procedures, but we've also found that our patients benefit during dermal filler injections!” ...
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Miller Dr_Laurence_Miller - IPL_procedure_w_Zimmer_Cryo

Procedure Video – IPL Treatment With Zimmer Cryo – Dr. Laurence Miller Patient: “I Don’t Feel Any Pain.”

Dr. Laurence Miller, of Westchester Aesthetic Center, gave a video demonstration of an IPL procedure. The Palomar laser was used for the IPL treatment, while the Zimmer Cryo 6 device proved effective for pain minimization. Patient: “I don’t feel any pain.” ...
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Procedure Video: Dr. Steven F. Weiner Demos Zimmer Z Wave After Sculptra “Butt Lift” to Even, Smooth and Enhance Results

Founder of The Aesthetic Clinique, Dr. Steven F. Weiner, demonstrates a Sculptra “butt lift” procedure that integrates the Zimmer Z Wave device for enhanced procedure results. Dr. Weiner discusses his methods. Watch the procedure video ...
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Sabel Fleshman - Spa Director Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Video: Dr. Lee B. Daniel Patient Raves That Zimmer Cryo Makes “Laser Services So Much More Tolerable!”

Sabel Fleshman, Spa Director at the practice of Dr. Lee B. Daniel and a laser patient praise the benefits of Zimmer Cryo Therapy with laser treatment:  “It makes my laser services so much more tolerable!” ...
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Lux Medical Spa - Zimmer Cryo - Jasmine Alderson

Video: Lux – A Medical Spa Uses Zimmer “Chillers” With Sciton Laser to Reduce Patient Discomfort, Numbing Time and Wait Time

Jasmine Alderson, Spa Director at Lux – A Medical Spa raves about the benefits of Zimmer cryotherapy, “Patients love the Zimmer because it helps with any discomfort. It decreases numbing time…which is really good for patient wait time, in general.” ...
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Phoenix Tattoo Removal With Zimmer Cryo

Procedure Video: Phoenix Tattoo Removal & Skin Revitalization – Laser Tattoo Removal with Zimmer Cryotherapy to Minimize Pain

Phoenix Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation regularly performs laser tattoo removal. They shared with Zimmer MedizinSystems that laser treatments can be painful for clients. To combat client discomfort with cold therapy, they use the Zimmer Cryo 6 “chiller”.  Watch the video ...
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