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Sawyer Alvis Z News Webinar Article - Z Wave

Webinar Video – Dr. Sawyer & Michelle Alvis Speak on “Improved Outcomes for Cellulite with Z Wave / RF Combination Therapy”

On 11-5-2019, Dr. Sarah Sawyer & Michelle Alvis, MME presented during a live webinar. This article summarizes the topics & provides access to the full webinar recording, including the Q&A portion that followed the presentation ...
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Osteopathic Center - Zimmer Facial Cryotherapy

Z Cryo Device Works Double Duty at The Osteopathic Center: PT & Aesthetic

Mariana Viera-Navarro, MPH, PA-C, CCT, described the double-duty utility that The Osteopathic Center gets from its Zimmer Cryotherapy device. The clinic uses the all-natural cold air machine for both physical therapy and for aesthetic treatments like facial cryotherapy ...
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How Z Wave Helps Dr. Salzman’s Practice Get 40-60% Enhanced Results on Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedures

Salzman Cosmetic Surgery & Spa discussed using Z Wave in conjunction with fat reduction procedures like CoolSculpting™, Vanquish ME™, Exilis™ and others. Brittany Roney explained how Z Wave improves treatment outcomes when used either after or before many popular treatments ...
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Dr Merrick Elias - Z Wave demo for cellulite

Dr. Merrick Elias Discusses and Demonstrates a Zimmer Z Wave Cellulite Treatment

Dr. Merrick Elias demonstrates and discusses Z Wave Radial Pulse Therapy treatment for cellulite. Consistent with the pain-free approach at Elias Dermatology, Dr. Elias stresses that the treatment is “relaxing” and causes “no discomfort at all” to the patient ...
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Intro Z Wave Q feature

Introducing the NEW Z Wave Q

The NEW Z Wave Q is a new (and quieter) dimension in Radial Pulse Technology. Watch a short intro video to the water-cooled Z Wave Q and hear what Michael Busic says about this reengineered acoustic shockwave device ...
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Z Wave Q BTS Photoshoot feature

A Look Behind-the-Scenes at the NEW Z Wave Q Photoshoot

This video offers a fun, behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the photoshoot for the new Z Wave Q, a re-engineered Radial Pulse Technology device with a water-cooled generator. A team assembled to capture images of the product and its application ...
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Joanna Czech - Zimmer Cryo facial FEATURE

Interview with Joanna Czech, Facialist to the Stars: A-List Clientele Treated with Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryotherapy

Z News interviewed facialist to the stars, Joanna Czech, about her integration of Zimmer Cryotherapy with her sought after facials. Joanna’s techniques & technologies for treating A-listers (Kim Kardashian, Sting, etc…) have been featured in Glamour, Vogue and TV ...
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Dr Matthew Elias - Z Wave feature

Elias Dermatology Uses Z Wave for Improved Results, Increased Efficacy & “Amazing Results”

Dr. Matthew Elias reported that Z Wave is one of his practice’s favorite treatment devices. “We use this… as an add-on treatment to a lot of different devices.” He also discussed Z Wave’s “amazing results” as a stand-alone cellulite treatment ...
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New Study Authored by Dr. Salzman: “Z Wave for Capsular Contracture After Breast Implant”

Read the new article, authored by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Marc Salzman, about his Z Wave clinical study. The article details his experience treating with non-invasive Z Wave Radial Pulse Technology to soften and resolve capsular contractures resulting from breast implants ...
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Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal Relies on Zimmer Cryo for Skin Cooling during Laser Treatments

“You cannot do without this machine.” Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal described their reliance on their Zimmer Cryo 6 and highlighted its use for patient comfort & safety. They noted that the cryotherapy technology cools skin to -30°C during laser procedures ...
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