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Dr Hernberg - FEATURE - A to Z News Z Wave

Dr. Hernberg on the Utility of Z Wave, an “Outstanding Tool” for Practices that are Serious about Non-invasive Body Contouring

One of Dr. Hernberg’s favorite devices is Z Wave. He integrates it with all non-invasive body contouring procedures for enhanced results. Other uses: dissolving nodules from fat necrosis, treating post-surgical scars, accelerating laser tattoo removal VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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New White Paper by China Battista, NP: “Z Wave (RSWT) Treatment for QWO Side Effects and Increased Efficacy”

China Battista, NP details using ZWave as an adjunct to QWO cellulite treatments. ZWave decreased QWO bruising time by an average of 50%. ZWave also helped resolve nodules and enhanced results. Pictured: typical bruising 4 days post QWO ...
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Dr. Hewko - Opton Pro A to Z News FEATURE

Dr. Hewko Performs an Ankle Treatment with the OptonPro 25W Laser and Discusses the Benefits of High-Power Laser Therapy

Video: Thomas Hewko, DC, performs an OptonPro 25W high-power laser treatment on his patient’s sprained and arthritic ankle. Dr. Hewko discusses the benefits of using the Zimmer MedizinSystems device in a chiropractic practice. VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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TRI Jo Martin - FEATURE gfx A to Z News Z Wave & Tattoos 8-2021

Tattoo Removal Ink (TRI) Accelerates Laser Tattoo Removal Clearance with Z Wave

Besides routinely pairing Cryo with laser tattoo removals, now TRI also integrates Z Wave to accelerate tattoo clearance.  “[ZWave] accelerates the tattoo ink leaving… pushes out the inflammation…creates lymphatic drainage and circulation to this area.” VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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Cutting Edge Cryo - FEATURE gfx A TO Z NEWS

Cutting Edge Cryo Makes the Switch from Nitrogen-Based to All-Natural Cryo for Localized Treatments and Facial Cryotherapy

Cutting Edge Cryo transitioned from nitrogen-based to all-natural Cryo for localized treatments and facial cryotherapy. Learn why they’re extremely happy with that decision. “It has completely changed the way that we do targeted localized treatments.” VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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Dr. Boss gfx Z News 5-2021 FEATURE

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Boss, Achieves 75% Reduction of Patient Cellulite in First Round Morpheus & Z Wave Combo Treatment

Boss MD achieves exceptional results with cellulite combo treatment. “In one treatment of the Morpheus and about 5-7 treatments of the Zimmer [MedizinSystems Z Wave], we’ve had about 75% improvement, or reduction in the prominence of the cellulite.” Video+Q&A ...
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OptonPro 25 W – High-Power Laser Review by Physical Therapist, Dr. Chuck Bagwell

Physical Therapist, Dr. Bagwell (TherX) reviews the new OptonPro 25W high-power laser. He walks through some of the OptonPro’s top features. Also, relays his experience using this device, compared to the previous OptonPro 7W model. VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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Anna Buinewicz MD - White Paper V5 Z News 3-2021 FEATURE

New White Paper by Dr. Buinewicz: “Case Study of a Bakers Grade 4 Capsular Contracture and the Z Wave Treatment”

Read this breast capsular contracture case study by Dr. Buinewicz. Before and after pictures show that the non-invasive Z Wave device achieved results that typically require surgical correction. Dr. Buinewicz walks through the case history, device settings and treatment frequency ...
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Jenna Peck - Z Wave White Paper 2-2021 Z News FEATURE

New Report: “Z Wave for the Treatment of Post-Inflammatory and Post-Non-Inflammatory Nodules after Hyaluronic Acid Injectable Fillers”

Jenna Peck’s study, “Z Wave for the Treatment of Post-Inflammatory and Post-Non-Inflammatory Nodules after Hyaluronic Acid Injectable Fillers.” Describes cases/protocols. Conclusion: “Should an unforeseen complication with post-inflammatory nodules occur, Z Wave has proved a safe and useful treatment option.” ...
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Emil Tanghetti - Cryo Webinar Video - Z NEWS FEATURE

Webinar Video – Dr. Emil A. Tanghetti Speaks on “Zimmer Cryo: The Skin Cooling System with Endless Versatility”

Watch the full video, plus read the article summarizing what was covered by Dr. Emil Tanghetti in the 12/3//2020 webinar. Webinar video includes a presentation on “Zimmer Cryo: The Skin Cooling System with Endless Versatility” PLUS attendee Q&A ...
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