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Zimmer 50 Years Anniversary logo

50 Years Young – Zimmer Celebrates 50 Years in Business

2019 marks Zimmer MedizinSysteme's 50th year in business! In honor of our company's anniversary, we're looking back at the story and pictures of its evolution. The family company began two generations ago in Germany. In 1986, Zimmer USA was established ...
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PT Chuck Bagwell - TherX

Physical Therapist, Chuck Bagwell, Shows How TherX Performance Uses Zimmer Cryotherapy to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Chuck Bagwell, DPT, of TherX Performance, demonstrates a treatment for Plantar Fasciitis using Zimmer Cryotherapy. He discusses the benefits of his Zimmer Cryo 6 modality as well as Cryotherapy’s advantages for Physical Therapy over treatment methods like ice packs ...
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Dr. Mejia Demonstrates Integration of Zimmer Cryotherapy with IPL Treatment for Leg Pigmentation

Ricardo Mejia, MD demonstrated the integration of Zimmer Cryotherapy for patient comfort and safety with an IPL treatment for hemosiderin pigmentation of the legs. Plus, Jupiter Dermatology patient says facial laser treatment is ‘much more tolerable’ with Zimmer Cryo ...
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Jo Martin TRI Charity Cryo 6

Zimmer Cryo Division Gives Back to Deserving Charity: TRI Uses Zimmer Cryotherapy to Help Improve Lives & Occupational Potential

Zimmer MedizinSystems donated a new Cryo 6 cold air device to a deserving organization, Tattoo Removal Ink. TRI’s mission: to provide free removal of jail, gang and human-trafficking tattoos from formerly-incarcerated individuals, former gang members and victims of human trafficking ...
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Dr. Hubbell Demo – How He Enhances CoolSculpting® Results with Z Wave

Video: Dr. Christopher Hubbell, “It really makes the CoolSculpting a lot more effective. We’ve found it’s much better than massage and a lot more predictable.” Hear what else he says and watch his demos of Z Wave post CoolSculpting ...
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Clear Out Ink - Cryo FEATURE

Clear Out Ink Laser Tattoo Removal: “Watch the Difference” – Comparison of Treatment With and Without Zimmer Cryo

Clear Out Ink demonstrates how the use of Zimmer “Chillers” greatly improves comfort during laser tattoo removal. Owner, James Dean, says to a client who has previously experienced the treatment without the benefit of integrated Cryotherapy, “Watch the difference.” ...
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Clean Canvas More Art - Zimmer Cryo Feature

Video: Clean Canvas More Art Manages Laser Pain with Zimmer Cryotherapy

Clean Canvas More Art provides a video testimonial and treatment demonstration of laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening with integrated Zimmer Cryotherapy for pain management.  Owner, Bethany Cirlin says, “We Really Couldn’t Do It Without the Zimmer Chiller.” ...
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Busic Accepts For Z Wave: "Greatest Utility in an Aesthetic Device" award from Kevin Frazier & Gretchen Rossi

Z Wave Receives “Greatest Utility in an Aesthetic Device” Award

PLUS: Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier Interviews the Big Winner! Michael Busic accepts the award from celebrity presenters, Kevin Frazier (host of CBS’s Entertainment Tonight) and actress Gretchen Rossi (formerly of Bravo’s Housewives of Orange County). Kevin's full interview & demo included ...
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Dr. Sawyer Discusses Z Wave

Dr. Sawyer Discusses How She Uses “Standout” Z Wave For Multiple Applications

Video: “We love our Z Wave. We use it... multiple times a day, and we’ve really seen it boost our body shaping practice.” Dr. Sawyer & team detail their use of the device post Cryolipolysis®, for cellulite and post liposuction ...
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Lily Medspa - Cryo with MicroLaserPeel Video Testimonial

Video: After MicroLaserPeel, Lily Med Spa Cools the Skin with Zimmer CryoTherapy

Lily Med Spa shows how they use their Zimmer ‘Chiller’ for skin cooling with Sciton MicroLaserPeel® treatments. The focusing tip attachment shown in the video concentrates cold air as low as -30 °C at the treatment site ...
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