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Dr Petropolous Z Wave Z News FEATURE 4-2020

Dr. Petropoulos: Z Wave Enables CoolSculpting with Less Discomfort, Improved Results, Reduced Swelling & Expedited Fat Clearance

Dr. Petropoulos - Potomac Medical Aesthetics: Z Wave improved CoolSculpting treatments & enhanced other procedures. “It made a great improvement in our CoolSculpting experience.” Pleased with its results, additional Z Wave treatments were added to their offerings. VIDEO PLUS Q&A ...
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Armonia Wellness - Z Wave - Z News W APPLICATIONS

Armonia Wellness: Z Wave Helps Achieve 70% Reduction in Cellulite & 4-6 cm Reduction in Waist Circumference!

Armonia Wellness reveals impressive, long lasting results with Z Wave for cellulite, fat reduction & skin tightening. (70% cellulite reduction after 6-12 sessions, results lasting 2 years!) Also, combination therapies with mesotherapy, cupping, gua sha, body contouring. VIDEO PLUS Q&A ...
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Jacky Banayan - Zimmer Cryo 2-2020 FEATURE

“Fairy Facial Mother” of Beverly Hills Talks about Her “Obsession” with Z Cryo for Facial Cryotherapy & Integration with Other Treatments

Read the Q&A, then watch the video with Clinical Skin Care Specialist, Jacky Banayan, the “Fairy Facial Mother” of Beverly Hills. She discussed her “obsession” with ZCryo for facial cryotherapy and for its integration into most of her other treatments ...
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Franklin_Skin_and_Laser - Cryo

Franklin Skin & Laser on Benefits of Zimmer Cryo with Clear + Brilliant®, Profound®, Tattoo Removal, Chemical Peels, “All Kinds of Procedures”

In this video, Franklin Skin & Laser discussed some of the office’s applications for their Zimmer Cryotherapy device. “This thing does wonders for patient comfort, and has even eliminated the need for topical numbing cream in some cases.” ...
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Anna Buinewicz MD - White Paper Z News 1-2020

New Report by Dr. Buinewicz: “Treating Capsular Contracture and Cellulite with Z Wave”

Read the new white paper by Dr. Buinewicz about treating cellulite & capsular contracture with the Z Wave device. Dr. Buinewicz walks through her protocols, device settings, patient satisfaction, and how owning the device differentiates and boosts her business ...
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Sawyer Alvis Z News Webinar Article - Z Wave

Webinar Video – Dr. Sawyer & Michelle Alvis Speak on “Improved Outcomes for Cellulite with Z Wave / RF Combination Therapy”

On 11-5-2019, Dr. Sarah Sawyer & Michelle Alvis, MME presented during a live webinar. This article summarizes the topics & provides access to the full webinar recording, including the Q&A portion that followed the presentation ...
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Osteopathic Center - Zimmer Facial Cryotherapy

Z Cryo Device Works Double Duty at The Osteopathic Center: PT & Aesthetic

Mariana Viera-Navarro, MPH, PA-C, CCT, described the double-duty utility that The Osteopathic Center gets from its Zimmer Cryotherapy device. The clinic uses the all-natural cold air machine for both physical therapy and for aesthetic treatments like facial cryotherapy ...
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How Z Wave Helps Dr. Salzman’s Practice Get 40-60% Enhanced Results on Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedures

Salzman Cosmetic Surgery & Spa discussed using Z Wave in conjunction with fat reduction procedures like CoolSculpting™, Vanquish ME™, Exilis™ and others. Brittany Roney explained how Z Wave improves treatment outcomes when used either after or before many popular treatments ...
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Dr Merrick Elias - Z Wave demo for cellulite

Dr. Merrick Elias Discusses and Demonstrates a Zimmer Z Wave Cellulite Treatment

Dr. Merrick Elias demonstrates and discusses Z Wave Radial Pulse Therapy treatment for cellulite. Consistent with the pain-free approach at Elias Dermatology, Dr. Elias stresses that the treatment is “relaxing” and causes “no discomfort at all” to the patient ...
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Intro Z Wave Q feature

Introducing the NEW Z Wave Q

The NEW Z Wave Q is a new (and quieter) dimension in Radial Pulse Technology. Watch a short intro video to the water-cooled Z Wave Q and hear what Michael Busic says about this reengineered acoustic shockwave device ...
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