“The Benefits of Shockwave Therapy in Muscular Injury Recovery”
Speaker: Dr. Davis McAlister

Full recording from a webinar that was broadcast live on 6-1-2023. Clinic Faculty Doctor at the Parker University Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Davis McAlister, discussed his long career of working with high-performance athletes, and how the enPulsPro has become integral to his practice. More specifically, he spoke about how non-invasive extracorporeal shockwave therapy has helped him to treat injured muscles and tendons. Learn about the mechanism of action, the latest research, and how this technology can promote healing in cases such as hamstring injuries, while increasing practice revenue. Dr. McAlister provided case studies and meaningful insight that will help drive positive outcomes with this technology. Hear from his experience both as a chiropractor and strength and conditioning coach. Q&A session included in the recording.

Webinar Speaker
Davis McAlister, DC, MEd, MS, BS, BA, CSCS

Dr. Davis McAlister is an author, public speaker, veteran, coach, and Doctor of Chiropractic. He specializes in sports chiropractic and is a certified strength and conditioning coach. Dr. McAlister is a Clinic Faculty Doctor at the Parker University Chiropractic Clinic in Dallas, Texas. He provides valuable instruction to doctors, trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches. He also works with high-performance athletes and coaches powerlifting. With over 20 years of diverse experience, he has taught and coached in Texas at the high school and university levels. He also served in the US Army for eight years before earning a Bachelor of Science from Mississippi State University. He was awarded a Master of Educational Leadership from Sul Ross State University, and a Bachelor of Anatomy, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and a Master of Strength & Performance from Parker University.

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