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Dr Digenis gfx Z News 12-2020 FEATURE

Non-invasive Z Wave Helps Dr. Digenis Remodel Body Contours and Smooth Irregularities Post Liposuction & Bodytite

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Digenis, talks Zimmer Z Wave treatment post liposuction & Bodytite. Beginning at about 6 weeks post-op, Z Wave treatments are used as a therapy to help remodel and smooth the “lumpy, bumpy” irregularities. VIDEO + ARTICLE ...
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Made in Germany - Z Cryo Production BTS feature

Made in Germany: Behind-the-Scenes at the Zimmer Cryo Manufacturing Plant

Take a sneak peek behind-the-scenes at the Zimmer Cryo assembly and manufacturing process in action. See for yourself the attention to detail and hand craftsmanship that goes into each of our German-made cryotherapy devices. Video PLUS Article ...
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Bengelsdorf Webinar Video - Bengelsdorf & Carmen Webinar Z News article 10-2020

Webinar Video – Dr. Bengelsdorf & Carmen Primrose on “The Value of Z Wave in a Cosmetic Surgery Practice”

Watch the full video, plus read the article summarizing what was covered by Dr. Bengelsdorf & Carmen Primrose in the 9/2020 Z Wave webinar. Includes presentations on “The Value of Z Wave in a Cosmetic Surgery Practice” + attendee Q&A ...
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Dr Donald Clemons Z Wave FEATURE

Dr. Clemons Softens and Repairs Thick, Fibrotic Scar Tissue with Non-invasive Z Wave

Dr. Clemons of Renovus Medical Spa recounts success stories about innovative Z Wave treatments he’s administered to soften problematic scars. He reviews how the non-invasive device achieved both aesthetic and medical benefits for his patients. VIDEO, BEFORE-AFTER PICS, PLUS Q&A ...
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Erasable Inc & Zimmer Cryo for Tattoo Removal - Z News 8-2020 FEATURE

Erasable Inc. Prank on Tattoo Removal Client Shows How Much Patients Love the Comfort of Zimmer Cryo

Watch the reaction! Erasable Inc’s returning tattoo removal client was told that ZCryo wasn’t available. Nurse Zanetti said Zimmer chiller is “so helpful for pain control that patients don’t even want to do the treatments without it.” Video PLUS Q&A ...
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Dr Anna Petropoulos gfx Z News 7-2020 FEATURE

Center for Classic Beauty’s Dr. Anna Petropoulos Receives Z Wave Q Cellulite Treatment and Discusses this “Comfortable” Treatment

Dr. Anna Petropoulos (Center for Classic Beauty) discussed treatments using Zimmer’s ZWaveQ. While personally receiving the “very comfortable” ZWave cellulite treatment, she detailed the procedure. She also touched on how ZWaveQ helps improve CoolSculpting results by 50%! VIDEO PLUS Q&A ...
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Contour Room - Z News 6-2020 FEATURE

Seasoned Z Wave Practitioner, Contour Room, Gives In-Depth Z Wave Q Testimonial & Demo

VIDEO: Seasoned Z Wave practitioner and Contour Room owner, Aleksandra Dworska, relays her experience with the Zimmer Z Wave device. She discusses her research process, advantages of the newest Z Wave Q model, device uses, its efficacy and client satisfaction ...
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Dr Petropolous Z Wave Z News FEATURE 4-2020

Dr. Petropoulos: Z Wave Enables CoolSculpting with Less Discomfort, Improved Results, Reduced Swelling & Expedited Fat Clearance

Dr. Petropoulos - Potomac Medical Aesthetics: Z Wave improved CoolSculpting treatments & enhanced other procedures. “It made a great improvement in our CoolSculpting experience.” Pleased with its results, additional Z Wave treatments were added to their offerings. VIDEO PLUS Q&A ...
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Armonia Wellness - Z Wave - Z News W APPLICATIONS

Armonia Wellness: Z Wave Helps Achieve 70% Reduction in Cellulite & 4-6 cm Reduction in Waist Circumference!

Armonia Wellness reveals impressive, long lasting results with Z Wave for cellulite, fat reduction & skin tightening. (70% cellulite reduction after 6-12 sessions, results lasting 2 years!) Also, combination therapies with mesotherapy, cupping, gua sha, body contouring. VIDEO PLUS Q&A ...
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Jacky Banayan - Zimmer Cryo 2-2020 FEATURE

“Fairy Facial Mother” of Beverly Hills Talks about Her “Obsession” with Z Cryo for Facial Cryotherapy & Integration with Other Treatments

Read the Q&A, then watch the video with Clinical Skin Care Specialist, Jacky Banayan, the “Fairy Facial Mother” of Beverly Hills. She discussed her “obsession” with ZCryo for facial cryotherapy and for its integration into most of her other treatments ...
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