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Company of the Year - Zimmer MedizinSystems MedTech Outlook - A TO Z NEWS

Zimmer MedizinSystems Awarded “Company of the Year” for Pain Management Devices

MedTech Outlook magazine named Zimmer MedizinSystems “Company of the Year” for Pain Management Devices. With a thorough overview of the industry, and insights from our President, Robert Wilber and VP, Physical Medicine Divsion, Gerold Gabele, see what sets us apart ...
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Zimmer MedizinSystems 2022 Webinar Recap

Zimmer MedizinSystems Devices in Action: A 2022 Webinar Recap

This recap of 2022s webinar present ways to add treatment offerings and increase revenue. Featuring enPulsPro, emFieldPro and Z Wave, these talks will be appreciated by practitioners interested in non-invasive, highly effective treatments for podiatry, pain management & erectile dysfunction ...
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Dr. Subadya - A to Z News FEATURE 12-2022 - emFieldPro

Dr. Subadya Sees Immediate Pain Relief for His Patients with the emFieldPro

Dr. Subadya says the new emFieldPro added to his chiropractic practice is a great addition.  The system delivers magnetic energy to cells, treating a variety of conditions. “I’m impressed that it penetrates to a depth that other modalities…can’t reach.” VIDEO/ARTICLE/INTERVIEW ...
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Dr Gupta - FEATURE gfx A to Z News Z Wave 11-2022

Dr. Gupta Describes Diverse Indications for Z Wave

Dr. Gupta discusses many uses she gets from non-invasive Z Wave technology, including post-procedure integrations with body contouring procedures for further fat reduction & bruise reduction, and as a primary treatment for erectile dysfunction and plantar fasciitis. VIDEO + ARTICLE ...
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Dr Marinaro - A to Z News emFieldPro

Thomas Marinaro, DC Demonstrates How emFieldPro Does Wonders for Stubborn Neck, Back and Joint Problems

Dr. Marinaro praises High Energy Inductive Therapy, performs treatment demo. “For anything that needs further repair and fixing, the [emFieldPro] does get the job done… whether it’s a neck, mid-back, lower-back, joints, breaks, fractures, headaches… it does wonders. VIDEO/ARTICLE ...
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Dr Goldberg 9-2022 FEATURE A to Z News

Dr. Goldberg Successfully Treating ED with “Revolutionary New Technology”

Dr. Goldberg: new, non-invasive treatment for Erectile Dysfunction with low-intensity shockwaves. Z Wave is FDA-cleared to treat cellulite. “But there is increasing data, both here and in Europe, showing that this device… can markedly improve Erectile Dysfunction.” VIDEO + ARTICLE ...
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Cryo 7 Features - A to Z News

Introducing the New Cryo 7

Elevating the gold standard... AGAIN! The Zimmer MedizinSystems cryo line is the undisputed global leader in skin cooling systems. The latest innovation, the new Cryo 7, is an energy-efficient technological marvel facilitating a comfortable treatment environment for patients and staff ...
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Jupiter Dermatology - Cryo 7 - FEATURE gfx A to Z News 7-2022_

Dr. Mejia Discusses the New Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryo 7 and Its Ease of Use

Dr. Ricardo Mejia on the benefits of his new Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryo 7 skin cooling device. “Simplicity of use…a reliable unit, and provides an effective cooling method for all different types of skin treatments.” VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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Dr Sheps - FEATURE article A to Z News emFieldPro

Chiropractor, Dr. Sheps, Uses emFieldPro to Achieve “Immediate Results and to Accelerate the Rate of Healing”

Michael Sheps, DC, discusses emfieldPro high intensity electromagnetic field treatments for pain relief and immediate results for acute and chronic conditions. Treatment demonstration with the non-invasive, painless device for low back, neck & shoulder pain. VIDEO + ARTICLE ...
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Dr Cohen - FEATURE gfx A to Z News Cryo 5-2022

Dr. Joel L. Cohen on Cryo as an Integral Part of Pain Management for Dermatological Procedures

Dr. Joel Cohen discusses procedure pain minimization with Cryo. "We have Zimmer [MedizinSystems] Chillers and this is really an integral part of how we manage patients’ discomfort for many of the procedures we do.” VIDEO+ARTICLE+Q&A ...
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