Aesthetic Insights Spotlights Z Wave in Innovative ED Treatment

– Acclaimed Urologist and Sexual Medicine Expert, Dr. Judson Brandeis, Celebrates Z Wave‘s Impact on Erectile Dysfunction Therapy: “Improves local blood circulation, which addresses ED.”


By Regina West; January 4, 2024

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In a December, 2023 feature by Aesthetic Insights, the Z Wave radial shockwave system by Zimmer MedizinSystems is showcased not only for its effectiveness in aesthetic treatments but also as a significant advancement in the realm of erectile dysfunction (ED) therapy. The article, titled “Innovative Acoustic Wave Device Enhances ED Treatment,” explains how practitioners are employing Z Wave’s low-intensity acoustic waves to reshape the landscape of ED treatment and move beyond traditional methods.

A distinguished figure in the field of urology and sexual medicine, Dr. Judson Brandeis brings extensive experience and expertise to his support of the Z Wave device. With a career spanning over two decades, including significant involvement in clinical research and sexual health studies, Dr. Brandeis’s insights are particularly valuable. His long-standing commitment to the field, coupled with his innovative use of the Z Wave device, underscores his authority on the subject.

Z Wave: Elevating ED Treatment Standards

Central to the article’s impact is the emphasis on Z Wave’s unique attributes: its ability to provide long-lasting results, its quick and painless application, and its effectiveness. Dr. Brandeis passionately notes, “The treatment’s ability to provide a quick, reliable, and consistent outcome, without pain or downtime, makes it an attractive option for those seeking a comprehensive solution.” He adds that Z Wave not only addresses the immediate symptoms of ED but also contributes to longer-term wellness, establishing it as a pivotal component in sexual health.

Dr. Brandeis elucidates the role of Z Wave in his ED treatments, stating, “After practicing general urology for around 17 years, I became very interested in regenerative urology… Z Wave’s technology improves local blood circulation, which addresses ED.” His comments highlight the device’s unique ability to enhance blood circulation in the penis through low-intensity acoustic waves, offering a non-pharmaceutical and painless alternative.

While the focus is predominantly on the physical aspects of ED treatment, the article acknowledges the positive impact on patients’ mental well-being. “The psychological impact of ED can be profound, leading to decreased quality of life and relationship strain.” This highlights the comprehensive benefits of Z Wave‘s non-invasive method.

A Holistic and Personalized Approach to Treatment

Emphasizing a holistic strategy to patient care, Dr. Brandeis’s treatment protocols leverage his vast experience in urology and sexual health. “For most patients with erectile dysfunction, I use a nitric oxide booster, Z Wave in combination with PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis, PRP injections… and even things like BOTOX injections into the penis,” he states. This method reflects his commitment to exploring and integrating a wide range of treatment options to achieve the best possible outcomes for his patients.

Dr. Brandeis says patients who have undergone Z Wave treatment often report significant improvements in both physical symptoms and overall well-being. “My patients are thrilled… They’re getting a part of their life back that most of them never thought they would have again,” he remarks, showcasing the profound impact of the treatment.

Z Wave‘s Role in the Community and Beyond

Dr. Brandeis’s says that his unique community engagement has solidified Z Wave‘s reputation as a viable solution for ED. By connecting directly with potential patients and sharing his extensive knowledge, he has established Z Wave as a symbol of hope and innovation in the field.

Editor’s Note: Clarifying the Scope of Z Wave Applications

Aesthetic Insights underscores that observations regarding the use of Z Wave in ED treatments reflect the professional opinions and clinical expertise of Dr. Judson Brandeis. It’s important to note that Z Wave is not specifically indicated for erectile dysfunction according to current medical device guidelines. Zimmer MedizinSystems remains committed to responsible and compliant use of its medical devices, in line with their intended purposes as defined by regulatory standards.


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