Aesthetic Insights Showcases Zimmer MedizinSystems’ PF TonerPro as a Transformative Solution in Incontinence Care

– Dr. Regina Hill praises PF TonerPro for non-invasive, passive pelvic floor muscle strengthening: “Patient satisfaction has been ‘over the moon’.”

By Regina West; March 20, 2024

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PF TonerPro featured in Aesthetic Insights - Dr. Regina Hill

In its March 2024 issue, Aesthetic Insights featured an editorial piece titled “Innovative Therapy Offers Non-Invasive Incontinence Solution,” focusing on the PF TonerPro device by Zimmer MedizinSystems. The article stated that the innovative device leverages electromagnetic field energy for muscle stimulation therapy, offering a remarkable avenue for individuals dealing with urinary incontinence (UI). The article begins, “At its core, the system features a control unit with a static / dynamic applicator for precise therapy adjustments, an optional treatment cushion, and an optional custom treatment chair.”  The options enhance the versatility and comfort of the therapy.

The article shares insights from Dr. Regina Hill, a distinguished gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon, who offered her professional perspective on the PF TonerPro’s efficacy. As cited in Aesthetic Insights, Dr. Hill remarked, “PF TonerPro technology boosts cellular energy by penetrating cells, tissues, organs, and bones, enhancing their electrochemistry.” This underlines the device’s non-invasive approach to strengthening pelvic floor muscles, crucial for combating UI.

PF TonerPro‘s Impact on UI Treatment

The Aesthetic Insights article elaborates on the challenges of strengthening pelvic floor muscles through traditional methods alone. Daniela Breyer, Head of Product Management at Zimmer MedizinSysteme in Germany, is quoted emphasizing the device’s unique capability: “The electromagnetic field stimulates the pelvic floor passively, inducing thousands of Kegel-like contractions in each 20- to 30-minute session.” Ms. Breyer highlights the PF TonerPro‘s role in providing an effective solution for individuals suffering from UI due to various factors including childbirth and aging.

Robert Wilber, President of Zimmer MedizinSystems USA, reflected on the societal impact of UI and the silence often surrounding it, as outlined in the Aesthetic Insights feature. He sees the PF TonerPro as a change-maker, not just in improving lives but also in fostering dialogue about a pervasive yet seldom discussed issue. “Our solution offers a transformative change, rejuvenating and restoring health to a large, aging population affected by this condition. It’s possible that we all know someone suffering in silence, highlighting the importance of our work.”

Tailored Treatments and Patient Satisfaction

The article further praises the PF TonerPro for its customizable treatment options, catering to different types of incontinence and patient needs. Dr. Hill values the device’s predefined programs and the flexibility in treatment customization, stating, “These programs are based on an understanding of what works effectively…aligns with my approach to patient care.”

Ms. Breyer noted a distinctive feature of the PF TonerPro that makes treatments versatile and customizable is its ability to treat both statically and dynamically. “For example,” she elaborated, “while the patient is in the chair, one can remove the applicator to extend treatment to the lower back. This capability allows for a comprehensive treatment.”

Patients’ reactions to the treatment have been exceptionally positive, with Dr. Hill reporting, “My patients have been ecstatic from the very first treatment. Their satisfaction is profound, especially appreciating the non-invasive nature of the procedure that doesn’t require undressing. The immediate results stand out significantly; while outcomes improve over time, that they don’t have to wait until deep into the treatment to see changes has been a major point of happiness.”

The PF TonerPro‘s Role in Advanced Care

Dr. Hill’s inclusion of the PF TonerPro in her practice not only expands her treatment offerings but also aligns with Zimmer MedizinSystems’ goal of pioneering patient care innovations. As detailed in Aesthetic Insights, this stance on providing effective, non-invasive, and accessible care options solidifies the PF TonerPro‘s position in the forefront of UI treatment solutions.

PF TonerPro is FDA-cleared for the treatment of urinary incontinence.
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