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Daired's-Salon-and-Med-Spa_logo Zimmer Cryo

Daired’s Med Spa Provides Zimmer Cryo Therapy For Client Comfort

Daired's Salon, Spa Pangéa and Med Spa offer cutting-edge spa treatments that integrate Zimmer Cryo Therapy to minimize pain. The cold therapy supplements in-house skin services by remarkably increasing treatment efficiency and by decreasing discomfort ...
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Silberzweig Zimmer Cryo

Dr. Silberzweig Advances Cosmetic & Vascular Suite – Adds Zimmer Cryo

Dr. Silberzweig added Zimmer “chillers” to Cosmetic & Vascular Suite NYC, advancing treatment technology while minimizing pain with Zimmer Cryo. Dr. Silberzweig is a Cosmetic Specialist & Interventional Radiologist. He offers safe, effective treatments using cutting-edge technology, including Cryo Therapy ...
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