Video: Pioneer Valley HS Athletic Department Demonstrates Zimmer Cryotherapy For Acute Treatment Of Sports Injuries

By Regina West; February 9, 2018

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Athletic PVHS - Megan Reed

Pioneer Valley High School’s Head Athletic Trainer, Megan Read, shared a video in which she demonstrated an acute treatment on one of the school’s student athletes. In the video, Read notes that Pioneer Valley High School uses Cryotherapy to aid with injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Ms. Read talked through her method as she treated an ankle injury with the Zimmer Cryo 6 “chiller”.  She commented, “I move it in small circles and I check every 30 seconds or so with an infrared thermometer. This delivers cold air to the treatment area.”  Using the Cryo device’s optional focusing tip to direct a very controlled air flow, she notes, “I can maintain a cold ankle during their entire rehab.” Pioneer Valley High School also owns a Therapy Hose that comes with nozzles in 3 different sizes for concentrated air with spot cooling treatments. The Zimmer Cryo 6 can deliver cold to as low as -30°C.

Ms. Read detailed some of the features she enjoys while using the device. Some of these include the mobility and fan level options.  She also lauded, “The wheels on the bottom, along with the hose length, make it easy to maneuver around and maintain optimum tissue healing temperatures… I love how easy it is to use and the effectiveness in the rehabilitation of our student athletes.”

You may view the video below.

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Megan Read shared the below video and these comments about Zimmer Cryo technology without compensation.

Athletic Department Demos Cryotherapy For Acute Treatment Of Sports Injuries