How to Replace Your Zimmer Cryo Mini Filter

Step by step instructions included below, along with a video tutorial.

How To Change The Filter On Your Cryo Mini Unit

1. Unplug the power cord from the power source 2. Remove the two rear wheel covers in the back of the unit (With two fingers, grab underneath the wheel. Push down with your thumbs and pull toward you.) 3. Remove the 4 screws of the large metal plate on the back of the unit (2 screws all the way to the left and 2 screws all the way to the right. Note: Do not remove the four screws that are arranged in a small square as they hold the fan cover in place.) 4. Pull metal plate away and hold in place 5. Lift filter up; remove filter 6. Disconnect the ground wire from the filter 7. Attach the ground wire to the new filter and slide the new filter in place 8. Reinsert the metal plate from the top and reattach all 4 screws 9. Slide the 2 rear wheel covers back into place 10. Plug power cord back into power source Cryo Mini Filter Replacement Instructional Video: