Would You Like to Be Featured in Z News?

If you’re a Zimmer Cryo or Z Wave user, your practice could be featured in Z News! It’s quick, easy and helps bring more exposure to your practice/clinic/studio about the services you offer!

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What We Are Looking For

A short 1-2 minute video that you can record on your smart phone. You basically explain who your are, where your practice is, your experience with your Zimmer devices, what indications you use them for, the results you are getting, how your patients like it, etc…


We Love Treatment Demos!

The video can feature you and/or you and a patient. We love to show all of the ways that practitioners are using their Z Wave and Cryo devices!


When You’re Done Recording Your Video

We’ll send you a link to upload the video directly from the smart phone on which it was recorded.  (We don’t accept e-mailed video submissions, since the file quality is usually compressed during the process. We want your company to look great and we want to represent your company with the highest possible video quality.) When we receive the video, we will lightly edit it and will also write a nice article about it for Zimmer’s News website section  . We will then create a multi-platform promotion campaign for the video and article.  We will tag your company on social media, so you should see some love and great traction from it!  We ask that you do not publicly share the video until our final materials are ready to go. We  will let you know when the story is going live. At that time, we very much welcome cross-promotion from you via email, your social media and website… wherever possible!


Release Form

We’ll need a completed and signed release form. This will cover you and any employees or patients who participate in the video.  (We’ll send you the release form as part of the next step after we receive your contact info from the below form.)


High Resolution Practice Logo

We’ll need a high res logo for your company, preferably with a transparent background.  Formats like PNG, PDF, EPS, TIF, PSD, AI are all fine. Your logo will be edited into the video and used in the article, as well.


Please complete the form below and we’ll contact you about the next steps!

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