Video: Dr. Merrick Elias Discusses & Demonstrates a Zimmer Z Wave Cellulite Treatment

– Elias Dermatology Uses Z Wave Stand-Alone Treatment for Cellulite, Also Pairs Z Wave with CoolSculpting® for More Consistent Massage

As you can see, our patient didn’t have any flinching… [Z Wave] is very comfortable. Our patient is still relaxing and in no discomfort at all.

By Regina West; September 4, 2019

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Dr Merrick Elias - Z Wave demo for cellulite

In this video, Dr. Merrick D. Elias demonstrated an effective treatment for cellulite using the Zimmer Z Wave device.  Z Wave is a powerful soundwave mechanism that increases metabolic activity in the form of lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation. Dr. Elias noted that it is one of his “favorite pieces of equipment”.

Beginning his discussion about treatments with the device, Dr. Elias mentioned that his practice uses the machine to improve the appearance of cellulite, as well as following CoolSculpting™ (Cryolipolysis™). After CoolSculpting, Z Wave replaces manual massage, “which can be a little uneven,” he said. “This helps keep an even distribution of our massage.”

Dr. Elias then listed some off-label applications for which the device can be used. Among them, he noted that Z Wave can be used with tattoo removal procedures, as well as to improve or resolve capsular contractures after breast reconstruction.

Dr Merrick Elias - Z Wave demo for celluliteFollowing this discussion, Dr. Elias raised the Z Wave hand piece and began the cellulite treatment demonstration. The treatment was performed over the patient’s thin pants. She appeared calm and motionless as the radial sound waves were applied across her buttocks. Z Wave’s non-invasive Radial Pulse Technology fits in perfectly with the overall painless approach at Elias Dermatology. Following the demo of the short procedure, Dr. Elias pointed out, “As you can see, our patient didn’t have any flinching. There’s no numbing medicine necessary. We do use [Z Wave] over clothes. It can also be done on skin contact. It is very comfortable. Our patient is still relaxing and in no discomfort at all.”

The Elias Dermatology practice website explains that the office uses Z Wave to treat “cellulite, dimpling, stretch marks, and scarring.” The web page states that this non-invasive technology “improves skin’s elasticity and collagen production” by sending radial energy through the skin, “breaking up fat and gas bubbles found between cellulite.” According to the website, the treatment takes only a few minutes and the outcome leaves “fat capsules… eliminated, resulting in increased collagen production and blood flow.”

Dr. Merrick Elias provided this video and comments about Zimmer Z Wave without receiving compensation of any kind.

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About Elias Dermatology

Elias Dermatology was founded by brothers, Drs. Merrick and Matthew Elias. The practice is at the forefront in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. The staff uses pain-free treatment methods, whenever possible, to ensure that patients receive the best results with the highest quality of comfort. They offer both traditional and cosmetic dermatological treatments for men and women.

A variety of body contouring procedures are available at Elias Dermatology. Among them are CoolSculpting® for fat reduction, as well as CoolTone to stimulate, tone and define muscle. The practice also offers two effective treatment options for cellulite reduction: non-invasive Z Wave and minimally invasive Cellfina. Skin toning and tightening are offered via Ultherapy technology.

A variety of aesthetic treatments for the face are available, such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, Botox® and Juvederm® injections, and wrinkle reduction with the Clear and Brilliant laser system.

Additionally, Elias Dermatology treats traditional dermatological concerns like blemishes, acne, rosacea, skin tags, allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases, fungal infections, burn injuries, eczema, lesions and skin cancer.

Elias Dermatology has two offices; one located in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the other, in Pembroke Pines, FL. You may call the office or visit for more information about their services and treatments. You may also learn details about the practice’s Z Wave treatments for cellulite on its informative web page about the concern.

About Zimmer Z Wave

The Zimmer Z Wave transmits powerful sound waves into the tissue. The energy then spreads out radially to enhance the treatment effect (Radial Pulse Therapy). The body responds to these sound waves with increased metabolic activity in the form of lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation. The result is an improvement in the appearance of cellulite and improved results when used with other body contouring procedures. For more information about the Z Wave, visit a web overview of the product. You may also contact Zimmer any time by phone or email.

Dr. Merrick Elias Discusses & Demos a Zimmer Z Wave Cellulite Treatment

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