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Dan Jurus - emFieldPro - A to Z News 12-2023 FEATURE

Dr. Jurus, on emFieldPro: “A High-Powered Technique for Stimulating Nerves – Your Answer to Pain Relief”

Dr. Dan Jurus treats a patient’s back with Zimmer MedizinSystems' emFieldPro, eliciting notable psoas activation. "This machine feels like no other," notes Dr. Jurus. The article offers an exclusive video, interview and insights into this non-invasive chiropractic care advancement. VIDEO/ARTICLE/INTERVIEW ...
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emFieldPro at Restoring Health - A to Z News

emFieldPro: The High Energy Inductive Therapy (HEIT) Device that “Completely Revolutionized” Joint Health and Muscle Engagement Treatment at Restoring Health LTD

Deborah Harris of Restoring Health endorses Zimmer MedizinSystems' emFieldPro, stating it "completely revolutionized" the clinic’s joint health and muscle engagement treatment. The device delivers high-intensity therapeutic effects. Videos feature patient testimonial, treatment, before-and-after pictures that attest to its remarkable efficacy ...
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Simplicity Laser's Transition to Zimmer MedizinSystems Electric Cryotherapy - WEB & CC_RW

The Transition from Nitrogen-based to Electric Cryotherapy – A Conversation with Leeon Jeffs of Simplicity Laser

Leeon Jeffs, VP of Simplicity Laser on the impactful transition from nitrogen-based to Zimmer MedizinSystems' electric cryotherapy with laser treatments. He underscores significant cost savings, continuous cooling, enhanced patient comfort, and how this move sets a new industry standard ...
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A to Z News -NEW Thermo TK

Zimmer MedizinSystems Introduces Thermo TK TECAR with Adjustable Heat and Versatility for Ultimate Pain Relief

Zimmer MedizinSystems announces the latest addition to their therapeutic device lineup, Thermo TK, an adjustable high-frequency TECAR therapy for targeted pain relief. Features multiple treatment modes, seamlessly integrates into physiotherapy, chiropractic, and rehabilitation practices for both acute and chronic conditions ...
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Z Wave Article in TAG Sept-Oct 2023

The Aesthetic Guide Spotlights Z Wave: “Shockwave Impacts Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Procedures”

A to Z News covers the Sept/Oct 2023 The Aesthetic Guide article, which highlights Zimmer MedizinSystems’ Z Wave. Drs. Christine Watson, Anna Buinewicz discuss its multifaceted role in aesthetics, including its impact on plastic surgery, sexual health, capsular contracture treatment ...
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A to Z News - 5 Reasons for Non Invasive Alt Modalities 9-2023

5 Reasons Alternative, Non-Invasive Treatment Modalities Benefit Your Business

A to Z News on how integrating non-invasive treatment modalities like enPulsPro radial pulse shockwave can significantly transform your practice. From elevating revenue streams to enhancing patient satisfaction, benefits are compelling. Explore the article for a comprehensive breakdown of advantages ...
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Cryo by Zimmer MS Feat in Aesthetic Insights Mejia Kiripolsky 9-2023

Aesthetic Insights: “Versatile Cooling Device Works with Many Modalities”

Aesthetic Insights features Drs. Ricardo Mejia and Monika Kiripolsky praising Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryo for minimizing pain, improving comfort, broadening procedural applications. The full article on our A to Z News page, underscoring why it continues to set the industry standard ...
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Cryo Troubleshooting Guides

Zimmer MedizinSystems Enhances Support with New Cryo Troubleshooting Guides

Zimmer MedizinSystems releases new Cryo Troubleshooting Guides for the Cryo 6, Cryo 7, and Cryo Mini units, enhancing their already excellent support. These free, user-friendly guides help in maintaining the devices effortlessly. Download your model-specific guide and ensure optimal performance ...
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A to Z News - The Aesthetic Guide Cryo Press

The Aesthetic Guide: “Increase Patient Comfort and Results with the Latest Innovation in Cryotherapy”

Featured in Aesthetic Guide's July-Aug 2023 issue, Cryo by Zimmer MedizinSystems elevates comfort. Dr. James Chelnis "dials up lasers for better treatments." Leeon Jeffs, VP of Simplicity Lasers, with 75 Cryo devices, lauds the continuous skin cooling during treatments ...
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Webinar: Enhancing Patient Outcomes & Increasing Revenue with Z Wave

Explore Z Wave technology's applications in cellulite correction, capsular contracture, post-liposuction care, and ED treatment in this webinar recording. Renowned physicians, Drs. Anna and Brian Buinewicz, share case studies, protocols, and outcomes to improve patient care and increase clinic revenue ...
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