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Dr. Hewko - Opton Pro A to Z News FEATURE

Dr. Hewko Performs an Ankle Treatment with the OptonPro 25W Laser and Discusses the Benefits of High-Power Laser Therapy

Video: Thomas Hewko, DC, performs an OptonPro 25W high-power laser treatment on his patient’s sprained and arthritic ankle. Dr. Hewko discusses the benefits of using the Zimmer MedizinSystems device in a chiropractic practice. VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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TRI Jo Martin - FEATURE gfx A to Z News Z Wave & Tattoos 8-2021

Tattoo Removal Ink (TRI) Accelerates Laser Tattoo Removal Clearance with Z Wave

Besides routinely pairing Cryo with laser tattoo removals, now TRI also integrates Z Wave to accelerate tattoo clearance.  “[ZWave] accelerates the tattoo ink leaving… pushes out the inflammation…creates lymphatic drainage and circulation to this area.” VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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Cutting Edge Cryo - FEATURE gfx A TO Z NEWS

Cutting Edge Cryo Makes the Switch from Nitrogen-Based to All-Natural Cryo for Localized Treatments and Facial Cryotherapy

Cutting Edge Cryo transitioned from nitrogen-based to all-natural Cryo for localized treatments and facial cryotherapy. Learn why they’re extremely happy with that decision. “It has completely changed the way that we do targeted localized treatments.” VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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Dr. Boss gfx Z News 5-2021 FEATURE

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Boss, Achieves 75% Reduction of Patient Cellulite in First Round Morpheus & Z Wave Combo Treatment

Boss MD achieves exceptional results with cellulite combo treatment. “In one treatment of the Morpheus and about 5-7 treatments of the Zimmer [MedizinSystems Z Wave], we’ve had about 75% improvement, or reduction in the prominence of the cellulite.” Video+Q&A ...
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OptonPro 25 W – High-Power Laser Review by Physical Therapist, Dr. Chuck Bagwell

Physical Therapist, Dr. Bagwell (TherX) reviews the new OptonPro 25W high-power laser. He walks through some of the OptonPro’s top features. Also, relays his experience using this device, compared to the previous OptonPro 7W model. VIDEO + ARTICLE + Q&A ...
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Anna Buinewicz MD - White Paper V5 Z News 3-2021 FEATURE

New White Paper by Dr. Buinewicz: “Case Study of a Bakers Grade 4 Capsular Contracture and the Z Wave Treatment”

Read this breast capsular contracture case study by Dr. Buinewicz. Before and after pictures show that the non-invasive Z Wave device achieved results that typically require surgical correction. Dr. Buinewicz walks through the case history, device settings and treatment frequency ...
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Jenna Peck - Z Wave White Paper 2-2021 Z News FEATURE

New Report: “Z Wave for the Treatment of Post-Inflammatory and Post-Non-Inflammatory Nodules after Hyaluronic Acid Injectable Fillers”

Jenna Peck’s study, “Z Wave for the Treatment of Post-Inflammatory and Post-Non-Inflammatory Nodules after Hyaluronic Acid Injectable Fillers.” Describes cases/protocols. Conclusion: “Should an unforeseen complication with post-inflammatory nodules occur, Z Wave has proved a safe and useful treatment option.” ...
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Emil Tanghetti - Cryo Webinar Video - Z NEWS FEATURE

Webinar Video – Dr. Emil A. Tanghetti Speaks on “Zimmer Cryo: The Skin Cooling System with Endless Versatility”

Watch the full video, plus read the article summarizing what was covered by Dr. Emil Tanghetti in the 12/3//2020 webinar. Webinar video includes a presentation on “Zimmer Cryo: The Skin Cooling System with Endless Versatility” PLUS attendee Q&A ...
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Dr Digenis gfx Z News 12-2020 FEATURE

Non-invasive Z Wave Helps Dr. Digenis Remodel Body Contours and Smooth Irregularities Post Liposuction & Bodytite

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Digenis, talks Zimmer Z Wave treatment post liposuction & Bodytite. Beginning at about 6 weeks post-op, Z Wave treatments are used as a therapy to help remodel and smooth the “lumpy, bumpy” irregularities. VIDEO + ARTICLE ...
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Made in Germany - Z Cryo Production BTS feature

Made in Germany: Behind-the-Scenes at the Zimmer Cryo Manufacturing Plant

Take a sneak peek behind-the-scenes at the Zimmer Cryo assembly and manufacturing process in action. See for yourself the attention to detail and hand craftsmanship that goes into each of our German-made cryotherapy devices. Video PLUS Article ...
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