Introducing the NEW Z Wave Q

– A New (and Quieter) Dimension in Radial Pulse Technology

By Regina West; August 23, 2019

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Z Wave Q w Cellulite Buttocks Screen RW

Zimmer MedizinSystems is proud to announce the release of the new Z Wave Q, a reengineered acoustic shockwave device that revolutionizes Radial Pulse Technology. 

The Zimmer Z Wave Q utilizes a new type of water-cooled generator. It enables the device to operate with a 50% softer sound than its predecessor, the acclaimed Z WavePro, while providing equally effective results.  In fact, Zimmer touts the Z Wave Q as the “quietest shockwave device on the market”.

Michael Busic, Director of Zimmer USA’s Z Wave Division, explained the reason for Zimmer Z Wave Q’s muted sound and uniquely effective treatment capabilities:

“Z Wave Q is the only ESWT system with water cooling. This brings several benefits. Most notably, a significantly quieter, more pleasant experience for the patient, the operator, and the facility. The water cooling also brings convenience to the practitioner with its ability to perform longer procedures with a single hand piece. Our water-cooled hand pieces will not overheat. You do not have to alternate hand pieces during longer procedures or throughout the day.”

Busic stressed that the device retains the original Zimmer Z Wave’s comfortable treatment sensation:

“Zimmer has always used electromagnetic technology, unlike most other shockwave devices on the market, which use pneumatic technology. Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion states that F=ma. Our electromagnetic technology uses a projectile that has a 5 times greater mass than pneumatic (or compressed air) technology. This makes for equal Force using 5 times less acceleration. Less acceleration means a softer, more comfortable pulse on the surface of the patient’s skin. That is what is behind Zimmer’s ‘Soft Shot Technology’. Some who have experienced competitive devices have sensed that Zimmer’s devices are more comfortable for the patient. For procedures that have commonly required topical anesthesia with other devices, Zimmer users are finding that it is not necessary. Our Soft Shot Technology is the reason for that.”

Interest in the new device has been strong, Busic disclosed. His team has been fielding inquiry calls not only from new customers, but also from existing Z Wave users. The reason is simple, he says, for so many doctor’s offices and medspas showing interest in the upgrade. While practitioners have always enjoyed the device’s effectiveness, the quieter ambient sound of the Z Wave Q is more suitable for the aesthetic environment.  Busic commented, “Practitioners have been aware, and studies have shown for years, the benefits of Z Wave’s acoustic sound therapy… The appeal of the Z Wave Q over the Z Wave Pro generation, is the device’s quieter operation. After all, the ‘Q’ in the device’s name is for ‘Quiet’.”

Watch Busic’s short introduction to the Z Wave Q below.

Introducing Z WaveQ

About Zimmer Z Wave Q

Radial Pulse Technology was never this quiet – and felt this good! The new Z Wave Q system is equipped with an innovative water-cooled generator ensuring high efficiency and durability. The new ergonomic hand piece with “shock absorber” offers the industry’s quietest operation, the highest level of safety, and maximum comfort to the patient. The Zimmer Z Wave Q transmits powerful sound waves into tissues. The energy then spreads out radially to enhance the treatment effect (Radial Pulse Therapy). The body responds to these sound waves with enhanced metabolic activity in the form of lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow. The result is an improvement in the appearance of cellulite and for other body contouring procedures, improved results with an easier recovery. For more information about the Z Wave Q, you may visit a web overview of the product. You may also contact Zimmer MedizinSystems any time by phone or email.

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