How To Replace Your Zimmer Cryo 5 Filter

Step by step instructions included below, along with a video tutorial.

How To Change The Filter On Your Cryo 5 Unit

1. Unplug the power cord from the power source 2. Push down on the release mechanism in the back of the unit to open up the water container door. Remove the water container. 3. Remove the two Phillips head screws to the left and right of the top bracket 4. Remove the screws and the bracket 5. Slide the filter down and remove the ground wire on back of filter 6. Attach the ground wire to the new filter 7. Insert the new filter back into unit 8. Reinstall the bracket with the two Phillips screws 9. Close the water container door 10. Plug power cord back into power source Cryo 5 Filter Replacement Instructional Video: