Arctic Blast Cryo Shares Demo Videos Revitalizing Treatments Using Zimmer Cryo Therapy

By Regina West; September 27, 2017

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Kendall Jones, of Arctic Blast Cryo, recently shared with Zimmer MedizinSystems two treatment demonstration videos.  In these videos, Jones uses Zimmer Cryo 6 “chiller” technology to perform Facial Cold Therapy and Spot Cooling treatments. This Zimmer Cryo device chills air to as low as -30°C, providing what Arctic Blast Cryo dubs a “relaxing, rehabilitating and rejuvenating experience”.

As she executes the treatments, Jones discusses device power level settings, treatment durations, therapy hose distance from the skin, simple safety and client comfort measures, as well as patterns she uses while making contact with the skin.  Jones advises, “You always want to create a rhythm and pattern for yourself so you’re consistent with every session you do.”   She continues to demonstrate the pattern of “slow circles” that she has chosen for the Facial Cold Therapy treatment.

Arctic Blast Cryo - Facial Cold Therapy Treatment Demo With Zimmer Cryo

Arctic Blast Cryo - Spot Cooling Cold Therapy Demo With Zimmer Cryo

The Arctic Blast Cryo website offers numerous downloadable scientific studies and research documents on the benefits of Cold Therapy. The company provides a variety of Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) experiences to meet full body needs. Their Cryotherapy memberships and packages provide treatments to address the effects of aging, stress, and injury.  These treatments aim to enhance quality of life and translate into improved overall wellbeing, alleviated medical or physical conditions, improved sports performance and/or looking and feeling younger and healthier. They offer memberships and packages like the “Couples Arctic”, “NormaTec”, Facial Cold Therapy, Local Cryo Spot Treatment and “Recovery Arctic”. Kendall Jones leads the team from their location in Mason, Ohio.  More information can be found at

You may view the treatment demo videos above and learn more about the Zimmer Cryo devices on the Cryo 6 informational webpage. You may also contact Zimmer any time by phone or email.

Kendall Jones of Arctic Blast Cryo shared these treatment demonstration videos using of Zimmer Cryo technology without compensation of any kind.