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Radial Pulse Therapy – An Effective Alternative For Treating Chronic Soft Tissue Pain

The handpiece contains a projectile that is accelerated through the electromagnetic transfer of kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is then transformed into impact energy in the applicator head. The impact energy delivered from the applicator head results in radial pulses in the target tissue. Radial Pulse Therapy provides an excellent alternative to treating muscle tissue. The energy treats muscle pain and helps to increase circulation in the target tissue.

Mechanical Energy

The enPulsPro device delivers energy into the target tissue where traditional soft tissue therapy techniques cannot reach. This is all done with little or no stress on the therapist‘s hands.

Time Savings and Efficiency With Better Outcomes

Adding the enPulsPro Radial Pulse Therapy unit to your facility will decrease the treatment time for chronic soft tissue pain patients and increase your efficiency. This results in better outcomes for you and for your patients.

Nothing I have used has been as significant as Radial Pulse Therapy. It saves my hands.”

T. Rodman, Chiropractic Physician

” It’s had a tremendous effect on our practice, enabling patients to get better sooner.”

D. Lipitz, Physical Therapist