Cryo 5: Technology That Works

While new Cryo 5 units are no longer available, Zimmer MedizinSystems stands behind the quality and enduring life of the product. We provide support and most replacement and maintenance parts on our 24/7 online shopping site. The Cryo 5, by Zimmer MedizinSystems, provided laser centers, medical spas, hospitals, physicians, and other related practices state-of-the-art laser cooling. The Cryo 5, Cryo 6, and CryoMini chill through with cold air. They use no consumables and are always ready when you need them. The Cryo 5, Cryo 6 and CryoMini reduce pain and thermal damage during cosmetic and dermatological laser treatments. These Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryo Chillers also provide temporary topical relief from cosmetic injections. Unlike in other cooling methods, like contact cooling, ice packs, and cryogen spray, the Cryo 5 cools the skin before, during, and after treatment.  This makes the Cryo 5 the perfect laser chiller.

Powerful Presence

Cryo 5 and Cryo 6 - Powerful Presence

Cryo 5 was engineered and crafted to be approachable, simple to use and yet powerful, offering continuous cooling and using no consumables. The Cryo 5 reliably delivers cold air (down to -30°C) to the treatment area.

Legendary Quality

Zimmer-Cryo-5 Legendary Quality

Z Cryo built its name beginning with the quality of the Cryo 5. It offered 6 adjustable fan speeds, a lightweight treatment hose and hands-free operation. At 121 lbs. and 38″ x 13″ x 18″, the chiller was crafted from quality materials and infallible reliability.

Articulating Arm

The Cryo 5, Cryo 6, and CryoMini offer optional articulating arms for hands-free operation. Simple to attach, the support arm gently and firmly holds the Cryo treatment tube to provide the operator hands-free operation.

Control Panel

Control Panel

The Cryo 5 features a simple, user-friendly interface.  It enables the operator to adjust the fan speed and treatment time with just the push of a button. Choose from 6 fan speeds on this model. The Cryo 6 and CryoMini offer 9 fan speeds.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Just vacuum the air filter and empty the condensation collector once a week! Ultra easy maintenance!  The Cryo 5 automatically performs an operational component self-maintenance check each time that the machine is powered on.

Cryo 5 Hose

Cryo 5 Hose

The Cryo 5, CryoMini and Cryo 6 feature a lightweight hose for effective delivery of chilled air to the treatment area. The Cryo 5 Hose measures 6 feet in length. An optional focusing tip can be attached to the hose to provide a very controlled, spot cooling experience.

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Trade in your Cryo 5 and receive a brand-new Cryo 6.  It comes with a 2-year warranty from date of purchase. Ask about our flex-payment option!

  Cryo Family Reflection_Cryo 6 Cryo 5 Cryo Mini

*Cryo device may be shown on this page with optional Articulating Arm.

Technical data

Delivers Cold Air Down To -29°F max. (-35°C) Power Supply 120V / 60 Hz Max. Power Consumption During Therapy 1 KW Standby-Mode 260 W / h Cooling Duration Long Term Glass Top

Treatment Hose Length 6 ft. Housing Dimensions H 38″ / W 13″ / L 18″ Height With 3″ Castors 43 inches Weight 121 lbs. (including glass plate) Cooling Fans 6 levels, max. 1000 l / min Device Class Protection Class: Class I, Type B according IEC 601-1 MDD / MPG: Class IIa

Cryo 5 Dimensions

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