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$125.00 (1 - 4 units)

$115.00 (5+ units)

EMS 5: Pocket Sized Muscle Stimulation - Anytime and Anywhere!

Principle Effect - Muscular discomfort often leads to muscular weakness and even to muscular atrophy, caused by lack of movement or exercise. Muscle contractions triggered by EMS work passively to strengthen those muscles weakened by immobility.

This method of muscle stimulation has been successfully used for many years. No side effects have been detected with correct usage.

Electrical muscle stimulation is applicable in rehabilitating and training weakened, atrophic muscles – anytime and anywhere:

• Physician’s Office
• Physical Therapy Clinics
• At Home


Call to order! (800) 327-3576

A Handful Of Performance

• 3 stimulation modes for individual therapy
• Simple parameter modification
• Clear parameter display
• Dual channels; individually adjustable
• Battery operated

Technical Information:

• Wave Forms: Square impulses
• Stimulation Types: EMS Synchronous EMS,
  Constant, EMS Alternate
• Dimensions: L 2.3” x H 4” x W 1”
• Weight: 3.2 oz (excluding battery)
• Battery: 9V battery

Delivery Includes:

• EMS 5 Therapy System with Case
• 2 Pairs of TENS Patient Cables
• 2 Pairs of Reusable Electrodes
• 2 Pairs of Adapter Clips
• 1 9v Battery
• 1 User's Manual