“Shockwave Therapy – A Cutting Edge Treatment For Chronic Foot, Heel & Ankle Pain”
Speaker: Dr. Jay Spector

This is the recording of a 43  minute Podiatry & Sports Medicine webinar that was live on 11-14-2019. 

Jay Spector, DPM, discussed Radial Shockwave therapy and its benefits for not only your patients, but for your practice! Dr. Spector covered Radial Shockwave therapy and its benefits for treating Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis and much more. He shared his experience on why patients DO pay for this cutting edge, non-invasive treatment! Learn more about offering your patients more than just steroid injections and physical therapy. Following his presentation, Dr. Spector answered attendee questions. If you would like to incorporate a new treatment modality AND increase practice revenue, we encourage you to view this webinar recording.