“High Energy Inductive Therapy – New treatment options for added revenue”
Speaker: Dr. Yorick Wijting

Full recording from 8-9-2022 webinar. Practitioners will benefit from this webinar as an opportunity to boost revenue and complement the services they provide their patients. After a brief introduction into High Energy Inductive Therapy, including a demonstration of the technology, Dr. Yorick Wijting reviewed the many indications that not only increase revenue, but also improve patient outcomes. He also covered contraindications and precautions. His patient examples illustrate how the therapy is ideal for a broad range of patients from elite athletes to seniors who have mobility issues. It can be used pre- or post-surgery, or, as an alternative to surgery. He wrapped up with a discussion around integration of this valuable technology into a private practice setting, as well as a discourse on reimbursement. Following his presentation, Dr. Wijting addressed questions from webinar attendees.

Webinar Speaker
Yorick Wijting, PT, DPT Originally from the Netherlands, Dr. Yorick Wijting received his Physical Therapy training at Rotterdam University. He went to work in Paris, Switzerland, Germany, and South Africa, before moving to the U.S. in 1996. He earned his DPT degree at University of St. Augustine in Florida. He later oversaw a staff of 120, with responsibilities in inpatient rehab, outpatient, and skilled nursing. His focus on administration and new program development shifted to continuing education, mostly in orthopedics and therapeutic modalities. Later, as Director of Global Clinical Education at DJO Global, Dr. Wijting devoted his energies to the continuing education circuit nationwide and internationally. Today, he operates his private practice, Specialist Physical Therapy, and continues teaching. His practice is equipped with advanced equipment to enhance rehabilitation efforts, including shockwave, laser, mechanical traction, a dynamic exercise platform (Huber 360), wireless nystagmography, and high energy inductive therapy. His practice is currently transitioning from insurance-based to a cash-pay business model.